Dear friends and colleagues,

Welcome to the website of the European Conference of Personality (ECP) in Madrid, 2020! I hope you will follow up this visit by making plans to attend the conference. I promise you it's going to be a worthwhile experience for three reasons. First, ECP is a unique opportunity for the international personality community to come together and strengthen our mutual bonds and working relationships. There is nothing as satisfying as sitting down with like-minded peers, and come across ideas for future plans. Second, ECP is a rich source of state-of-the-art ideas and methods in many areas of research. At ECP, you will be inspired by keynotes by leading researchers, but also by thought-provoking talks by early career researchers and direct interactions and discussions with poster presenters. Third, there's the city of Madrid. If that does not ring a bell by itself: This is a prime destination in Europe, due to its culture, history, people, and cuisine... Madrid has it all! It's simply a must-visit destination and perhaps the starting point of a longer holiday in Spain, the Mediterranean region, or Europe in general. In other words: You get the chance of connecting with the personality community, be inspired by great ideas and novel methods, and enjoy the backdrop of a vibrant and enticing city... Need I say more? See you in Madrid!

Warm greetings,

Jaap Denissen
EAPP President


I’d like to welcome you to Universidad Europea de Madrid that will host the 20th Conference of Personality (ECP20). At our university every day we try to provide our students with a holistic education, shaping leaders and professionals prepared to respond to the demands of a global world, who will add value to their professional fields and contribute to social progress with their entrepreneurial spirit and ethical values. This conference will generate and transfer knowledge through applied research, contributing in the same way to Personality Psychology progress.

We expect you have a good time in our University and our City. I’m sure that it will be an amazing experience for you.

Best Regards,

Elena Gazapo
Rector Universidad Europea de Madrid


Welcome to Madrid and welcome to our University. We hope that ECP20 will cover all your expectations maintaining the high quality standards that previous conferences had. We are convinced that this conference will give you the opportunity to discover latest scientific advances in Personality Psychology and will help researchers to establish new links and relationships that will help them in the development of their research.

I hope you could enjoy our hospitality and our city, one of the best in the world to live and work.

Best regards,

Oscar García
Chair of the Conference
Universidad Europea de Madrid

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