Instructions for Symposiums and Oral Presentations Virtual

For those who have to upload their video online, here are the instructions to how to record the zoom presentation: The easiest way to record presentations is using the Zoom app. It allows us to record the laptop camera and share our PPT slideshow or PDF at the same time, without creating a real meeting.

For that we are going to need:
  • Laptop or PC with WebCam built-in.
  • Microphone and headphones.
  • A quiet, unnoisy and well illuminated place.
  • Wire Internet connection (not Wifi) will be mandatory for the live event.
Furthermore, we should take the next points in consideration:
  • The room should be quiet, unnoisy and well illuminated. Natural light will be a plus.
  • Avoid overhead lights in order not to get unwanted shadows on our face.
  • The same happens with intense backlights, coming from windows or lamps.
  • It is strongly recommended to use headsets, because the closer the mic is to our mouth, the better. That is how we avoid unwanted noises or disturbing echoes.
  • In order to keep raccord, we should record the presentation with the same clothing that we are going to use on the live show.
  • For the Live Show Wire Internet connection is mandatory (WiFi is not allowed).
  • Total video recording will not be longer than 15 min.

If you don’t have Zoom app already installed, you can download it at (Zoom Meeting client). It would be anyway a good idea to have the latest version to be sure you have all functions available.

In this video you can see how to record your presentation step by step:

Once the video is recorded and checked, please send it via WeTransfer ( ) to this mail:

The author recording the video must be connected during the entire broadcast in order to be able to answer the participants' questions via chat. The deadline for submitting videos is Friday 24th June.

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